Various ensembles

Leadsheet of any of my songs (on demand); €10,- each

Jazz combo's (rhythm section with multiple horns): €35.- each

Additional line-up (see specific prices).


please send me an email in case you wanna buy one of the following items:

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Saxophone quintet (Sopr/alto/ten/ten/bari):  €55.-

•  Elated Blues for the progeny, written for Branford Marsalis and the Aurelia Saxofoon Quartet.


Jazz-quintet (trumpet, sax, trombone, rhythm section) €35.-

(possible on demand line-up arrangement) 

•  Blue alternative
•  Unleashed, CD The Houdini’s, Unleashed and remixed, Social Beats, CD06
•  Sheriff's jail chain gang detail 
•  Dolphin dance 
•  Nobody home (sextet with strings)

•  Bahnhoff der Seele (Soulstation swing)

•  True Sparrow

•  Here, there and thither (sextet)

•  Aunt Hagger's Blues (7/4)

•  All of me

•  Brother Julian (boogaloo)

•  Cape verdian Blues (up tempo swing version)

•  Conjubial Joy

•  English Heart

•  Hora Decibitus

•  james (Pat Metheny)

•  Jody Grind

•  Last train home (Pat Metheny)

•  Nice Mess

•  Peculiar

•  Screw

•  On the sunny side of the street

•  The Red one

•  Zulu Wail


With vocalist:  €35.-


•  The man I love, (vocals + strings + jazz sextet CD Trijntje Oosterhuis Strange Fruit')

•  Dear Prudence (vocals, strings, rhythm section)