Brass band / Wind Orchestra

Arrangements for larger wind-orchestra's, brass bands € 175,- each

Audio examples of the arrangements can be found here on this site.


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Harmonie Orchestra (wind-orchestra plus rhythm section)
Aquarius (with vocalists)
Ben/The wizz (with vocalists)
Billie Jean (with vocalists)
Don't stop till you get enough/I wanna rock with you (with vocalists)
English Heart (Ilja Reijngoud, folky 6/8 beautiful melody)

Everything is allright (Jesus Christ super star) (with vocalists)
Eyes to Wonder (Ballad, trombone feature)
Freedom (Eddie James) (with vocalists)
Georgia on my mind (alt sax feature)

Freedom medley: Imagine/We are the world etc
I dont know how t love him (with vocalists)
Jackson 5 medley (with vocalists)
Let the sunshine (with vocalists)
Liberian girl (with vocalists)
Mack the knife (with vocalists)
Mindless (up tempo Jazz song, comp by Simon Richter, sax feature, Body&Soul changes)
Nature Boy (trumpet/trombone or sax feature)

Never Alone (ballad, trombone/sax feature, without rhythm section)

Nice Mess (instrumental, trombone/sax feature)
Off the wall (with vocalists)
Sesame Street (instrumental, Maynard Ferguson style)
Superfly/Blood on the Dancefloor (Michael Jackson) (with vocalists)
Superstar (with vocalists)
Stevie Wonder  Medley (with all hits)
Thirst for light (band feature, long build-up climax song like the Bolero, Tom Beek)
We are the world (with vocalists)
Weeping (josh groban) (with vocalists)

Welcome Home (Ilja Reijngoud, bolero, horn solo, nice soft harmonies)
You can call me all (paul simon) (with vocalists)
Don't turn this ship around (band feature, suite, no improvisation)
Eyes to wonder (trombone feature, folk ballad)
Moods for moats (groovy song, trombone feature)
What ever you want